About this Website

This is a page made by Jacob Brown to showcase his skills and those of hundreds of others who practice acro. Here you can find acro videos, Patreon Tutorials, events calendar, picture gallery, and more. If the text seems too small you can pinch zoom. On desktop you can search with Control F for PC and Apple F for Mac.

This website was designed so it would be easy learn acro using a phone in portrait mode. It looks good on other devices too. It is also uncluttered. This allows me to add hundreds of links. The washing machine section has around 800 links. They are arranged in alphabetical order and as best of lists so they are easy to find.

On mobile the links take you to the YouTube app or to a new tab in your browser. Go back to jacobanddebbieacro.com by hitting the back button on your browser or by switching back to your browser app. On some browsers you can swipe left/right on the address bar to switch tabs. There is more information about each video such as creators of move in the YouTube description. On mobile you find this by clicking on a small triangular button at the bottom right of the YouTube video. It is important to give credit to the washing machine creators. If you click the link it will take you to a youtube instagram, or facebook, which lists the creators.

If you wanted to donate to me this always helps but the best way to help me monetarily is to become a patron or come to my workshops. If you want to help this site you can send me videos, give me suggestions on how to improve the site, or tell your friends about it.