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Instagram Lessons

Lately Jacob has switched to instagram as a lesson sharing platform. These are free lessons but if you want to make a donation here is Jacob's Venmo, Paypal, and Wise.

Lessons are in approximate order of difficulty.

Patreon Lessons

Free Lessons

These lessons are free for two reasons: One, to whet your appetite and make you want to see the other lessons; And 2, to raise the skill level of acrobats all over the world. These are free because they are so fundamental to the practice. If everyone did these lessons then Debbie and I could teach everything which is past these skills.


Hand to Hand

Washing Machines

In alphabetical order

Dance Lifts

Pops, Whips, Icarian


Testimonials from Patrons

Aaron Little "My partner and I have greatly enjoyed Jacob and Debbie’s public YouTube videos! Working through that material has added greatly to our skill set as performers and teachers. It was that increase in skill that inspired us to become patrons of their Patreon channel. What we found has far exceeded our expectations. The level of detail and step by step progressions provided in the Patreon tutorials create an awesome learning opportunity for students and teachers alike! Whether you are a teacher, a performer, or you just enjoy jamming with friends, you will find great benefit in both the material and the way it is presented!"
Gianni Zodoudou "Jacob & Debbie are passionate about all forms of partner acrobatics. They've been sharing tons of material on YouTube for years. Their tutorials are super clear, with a lot of drills, progressions, and specific details, both for bases and flyers. It is filmed in different angles and perspectives so you can see every part. It helped me unlocking and learn many transitions and washing-machines!"
Noah Unsworth “Jacob and Debbie’s Acro tutorials are the best ones I have found on the Internet. They break down each skill with lots of detail so it is easy to learn. I really love practicing the drills they provide in their lessons. My wife and I have learned a lot of new skills and improved on the ones we already knew.”

Beginner (mostly) Lessons

In approximate order of when they should be learned.

Beginner Section

How to get in and out of basic poses