Photo Gallery


Frank Curry

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Frank Curry is an Austin Based Photographer.
Instagram: @frankcurryphoto

Daniel McCord

Daniel McCord is a photographer living in Austin, TX

John Higgins

John Higgins is a photographer based in Santa Monica California. Debbie and I were in the area a few years ago and we spent all day taking pictures. Click on the picture to see a gallery.

Earl McGehee

Earl took these pictures of participants having fun at our workshop in Austin August 2018

Leighton Mitchel

Leighton Mitchel is a Graphic/Web Designer and Photographer residing in Portland, Oregon. He is always looking for new artistic concepts in photography to explore.

Travis Burnside

Travis Burnside took these photos. This was with our friend, Gwyn Scott.

Xavi Moya

Xavi Moya is a photographer living in Barcelona, Spain. He photographed us with our students after a workshop.

Bassel Hamieh

Bassel Hamieh is a photographer who took some pictures of us a few years ago.

Eric Ward

Eric Ward is a photographer and Acro Revolution Teacher. He was the official photographer at the 2017 Acro Revolution Teacher Training.

Moscow, Russia

Debbie and I taught a workshop in Moscow in March of 2016. This was a large class and a very talented group. They showed us a warm welcome at a cold time of year.