About Washing Machines

The machines are in alphabetical order so if you want to find Ninja Stars you can scroll down to N. You can also click on the N at the top of the page to take you to the N section. On a desktop or laptop you can search with control-F for PC and Command-F for Mac. On a cell phone you can find the search if you look through your browsers menu.

There is disagreement over how to define washing machines. Your classic washing machine has only a few steps and goes in a circle one way like a Ninja Star. Perhaps the next type of washing machine is a Symmetrical Washing Machine. If you add  half of a Rotisserie  to a Ninja Star you get a Naked Singularity. A Naked Singularity is short but you can make this type of machine very long. Take the Never Ending Dream Machine for instance. It takes more than a minute to complete one full cycle and there are dozens of steps. Some would rather call this a Flow or a Symmetrical Flow rather than a washing machine. I call The Never  Ending Dream Machine a washing machine because it does the same steps on both sides. I don't feel that just because it is long that it should not be called a washing machine. I do differentiate between Washing Machines and Flows. Jason and Chelsea's "Flow of Many Weapons" is a good example of a flow: A series of moves which does not go back to the beginning. This definition however is not enough since any long flow can be made to repeat. For my definition, it can be called a washing machine if it repeats both sides even if it is very long.

Having a broad definition of "Washing Machines" makes this page more simple. If I categorized all of these moves by washing machines, short symmetrical washing machines, and long symmetrical washing machines then I would have to make separate categories for each. It would be hard to find the machine you are looking for because maybe you don't know how I categorized it and you have to look in each category before finding it. When there used to still be movie rental stores I would often have to look in the horror section, the drama section, the action section before finding my movie, when it would have been faster if all movies were in the same category listed in alphabetical order.

Sometimes I put in one machine twice to make it easier to find. For instance, I will put Kick Ninjas under K and also Ninja (Kick) under N, so every machine with the word Ninja is in the same place.

I have a section at the bottom for Tick Tocks, which I do not feel are washing machines because they do not go in circles.

If you know a washing machine which is not in my list or if you find any broken links please email me at jacobanddebbieacro@gmail.com.