How our Patreon Channel Works

Debbie Collis and Jacob Brown have been making acrobatics instructional videos on Patreon since August 2017. Patreon allows people to donate an amount of their choosing each time we post a lesson. There are a few preset donation peers but you can donate any amount.

There are about 65 lessons as of October 2020 so far on our Patreon channel. We started with washing machines, because this is a good way to give your body the sensitivity to move onto harder skills like icarian and whips. Once you become a Patron you can immediately see all the lessons because you only pay each time we post a new lesson.

People like to know exactly how Patreon works before signing up so I will give an example. Let's say you sign up to pay 5 dollars per video. Let's also say that in that particular month we make 2 videos. If we make 2 videos you are charged 10 dollars. Your bank account is not charged 2 individual times for 5 dollars but one time, on the first of the month, for 10 dollars. In other words, if we made two lessons in March, then you are charged 10 dollars on April 1st. We make between 0 and 2 videos in a month depending on our schedule. We promise we will never make more than 2 so you know the largest amount which would be billed. At 5 dollars per video you would pay between 0 and 10 dollars in one month.

Patreon requires that you have a bank account linked to your Patreon account. This is so Patreon can receive your donation even if you don't have enough money in your Paypal account.

Patreon takes 5 percent of the proceeds, which is very little. Another 5 percent goes to their payment processor. So 90 percent of your donation goes to Jacob and Debbie. Your support helps our work teaching acro. We could not do it without you and we are very grateful that so many people, 64 now, (as of May 2020) have chosen to support us.

You can set your donation amount to any number. Our current patrons pay between 1 and 10 dollars. Debbie and I are happy with any amount you choose. We have many patrons who pay 1 dollar per lesson and we are grateful to have them. Of course, the more you can afford to donate the closer we get to our dream of a life supported entirely by acro.

You can find our lessons on our Patreon Page but it is easier to navigate through our videos on our site here. If you have more questions on how it works you can email us or PM us on facebook. Also here is a video explainer on how to sign up.

Fair Use Policy

Sometimes people ask... if their spouse or partner has a Patreon subscription do they need to get one too? We would like both of you to get one. This makes things nice and neat for us. We have a Patreon Facebook Group and we only put in people who are Patrons. A different issue is that many people learn the move from our short demo video. We intend the preview video to show people what is in the lesson, not to teach them how to do the move. If this is you we encourage you to become our patrons so you can benefit from the multitude of details you can lean from the whole video.