Video Production

I started his love of video work way back in the year 2000 when I made my first home movies with an old VHS-C mini camcorder. Since then the technology has improved and I have kept apace. In 2003 I got a degree in Multimedia Design which included video production. Today I edit video almost every day. Most of this work goes towards making acro videos for this website. I have also many times helped other on their video projects.

Video is a complex medium and there is a lot to know: resolution, frame rate, shutter speed, bitrate, film speed, codecs, filters, lighting, the list goes on and on. Because of the complexity there are few people with the experience, the patience, or the right hardware and software to get a video project done right and within a reasonable amount of time. That is where I come in.

Maybe you have a video project and you don't know where to start or you don't have time to do it justice and you would like to pass it on to someone who can do it right. Maybe you have hours of footage to go through from your last vacation or you want some nice instagram videos.

If you are local to my area I can help with my own camera gear. If you are further away I can help as a consultant: someone who can help you through some difficult video technical problem. If you have some video which needs editing you could email it to me or mail me a hard drive and I can whip something up to your specifications. I can help with anything video. Send me an email. Lets' get started.