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Jacob got into gymnastics when he was sixteen and ended up teaching for ten years. In 2010 a friend introduced him to acro and he fell in love with this art form right away. He loved how all acrobatics moves are like puzzles which you work out with your friends.  Jacob is known for making dozens of washing machines and for putting hundreds of acrobatics videos on his YouTube channel. In 2014 Jacob became a certified Acro Love Teacher in the first ever class of 2014 and has taught at several Acro Love TTs since.

Corporate Events

Do you want team building exercises which will use the power of play to bring your team together? Have you heard of those classic trust drills where someone closes their eyes, leans back, and is caught by their team mates? We have drill like this but more fun and more varied.

Distance Coaching

I have taught lessons over video chat before. This is a good option if you life far away from teachers.


It is a great privilege to teach at big acro festivals. Each one is a big acro family reunion because our friends congregate at these places even though they live all over the world. The atmosphere of a festival is fast paced and physically demanding. Of course everyone chooses how much they want to participate, but most throw themselves into the fray, knowing that there is a lot to do in a short amount of time.

There is a wealth of talented people and teachers all gathered in one place. You look at the schedule and do your best to take favorite classes. These are difficult choices because there are sometimes as many as 16 classes all going on at once and you can only do one class at a time. I am filled with gratitude that we can teach at these events. I am honored that so many acrobats take my classes. I put a great amount of effort into planning them. I want the students who chose our class to feel effort we put into making their experience special.

Jacob Brown Weekend Workshops

I teach weekend workshops taught by just me or with a co-teacher. The hours can vary depending on the situation but I usually teach twelve hour workshops. They are six hours each day. Each day is split into two, three hour sessions for a total of four sessions. We can custom design the material for your studio depending on what content you want us to teach. Here are examples of the kinds of classes I teach.

Mission Statement

"Jacob Brown Acro" was created to provide high quality acro instruction to people all over the world. Aside from the obvious physical benefits, I strive to improve the mental and physical health of my students.  I emphasize grace and fluidity in movement. I recommend repetition and hard work to achieve your goals. I aim to impart to my students the emotional and spiritual benefits of acro I have learned on the way. My goal is to branch out and find new ways to teach, new places to explore, new communities with which to share my practice.

You can contact me on FB Messenger, Instagram @jacobbrownacro, or email jacobbrownacro@gmail.com

Private Lessons

I teach private lessons. I like to teach acro pairs the most because then I can base the flyer and my co-teacher can fly on the base and we can all work together. Also it is better if we teach you to work with your partner rather than with one of us. Email or PM us on facebook if you are interested. This is the fastest way to learn.

Retreats or Resorts

I have experience teaching acro in a retreat setting. This usually lasts between a few days and a week. I create a unique experience involving movement, acro, and thai massage. It is a practice which teaches positive touch, compassion, and trust. Wether you are a novice or beginner, we can challenge you at your specific level.

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Teaching Tours

I am based in Springfield, OR, USA, but I have taught all over the world. If you are interested in having me teach a workshop in your area please contact me. You can see how much I love teaching by watching videos of my recent trips.